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Games & Baking
My doggy was whining as I was getting ready for work today. She just sat there and stared at me, and made whimpering sounds. Such a cutie. >_< Soren will be 2 years old in a few months, that's adult age for a dog. She still acts like a big baby though. I can't wait til she can have husky puppies. : )

I have no work on Friday or Saturday.. but I do have school Friday. Sigh. Im also starting on playing Pokemon Heart Gold. Tuan's playing Soul Silver. Im so tempted to cheat in the game o__o

I posted up a new video last night. This is my first ever Baking tutorial! I used to make this so much in high school for my friends. They're really yummy and cute if you decorate them correctly!

POSTED BY Unknown ON Thursday, January 17, 2013 @ 9:16 PM
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