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Hello Kitty BB Cream Review
(Sponsored Item was sent for review. Honest Opinion.)

I am back with a semi quick review on Uniqso's Hello Kitty BB Cream. This BB (Blemish Balm) is by far one of the best I have used. I absolutely adore the scent, its not too over powering, just enough. This can be bought on Uniqso's website for 19.90, and honestly it is worth every penny.

 This item comes in three shades - White, Beige & Green. I chose the beige color because my skin wasn't super light, nor is it super oily. This can be worn as a primer however I prefer to use it as a tinted moisturizer,with a bit of translucent powder on top. The amount of product (50ml) in this container  is a lot, especially for the price.

This item claims to:
"- Naturally and effectively conceal blemishes
- Mildly soothe the damaged skin
- Effective oil-control, maintain persistent cleanliness of the skin   "

It does conceal blemishes, but the thing is.. if you don't have good skin to begin with, this isn't the product for you. Personally I don't have any blemishes so it works absolutely amazing for me. But if I had a bump or dead skin it would really bring out the imperfection. This product blends amazingly well though. Super easy and it absorbs well into the skin.As for the soothing the skin part, it definitely does do that. My skin feels mega soft and smooth when I use this product. It also whitens and brightens the face. Which is why I love it so much. It makes me look more awake and lively. I don't even have to wear concealer under the eyes! It doubles up as one.  : )

The oil control part, is something I can't really say. My skin doesn't really get oily. The green Hello Kitty BB is supposed to help with redness and counter the oil though. The packaging is the cutest thing in the world. I LOVE how its Hello Kitty themed. Super cute and simple. Love Love Love.

 The BB is thick in consistency, but once blended out it feels quite light on the skin.

Top is without the BB. Bottom is with the BB.
It brightens and lightens the skin with a pretty finish. 

Overall Ratings: 5/5
Product: 5/5
Blends: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes

Definitely check this item out if you're looking for a good BB cream, or even a tinted moisturizer. The color selection isn't the best, but if you're just using it for a base/primer its still worth it.

I will be using this in an updated everyday makeup routine soon. : )
Ill post it on this blog once its up!
POSTED BY Unknown ON Tuesday, January 8, 2013 @ 7:56 PM
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