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New Camera Series


I haven't started filming it yet, but Im super excited to! Im trying to decide how to split up the videos at the moment. A lot of people are requesting editing, and lighting the most. So those will have its own videos.

  • Ep 1. Camera Bodies/Types & Lenses
  • Ep 2. Lighting/ Natural Lights/Right Lights/Bokeh etc.
  • Ep 3. Editing Programs & RecordingTips
  • Ep 4. Camera Accessories/Backdrops
  • Ep 5. Photogenic Makeup Tutorial

Im not a professional.. and I never really will be, so I hope no one bashes on me. I really want to purchase the 7D soon. I love the field of depth it has. Simply amazing. I played with my friends 60D and it was still so much better than my silly T3i. Every time I work on a video I start to get upset at the quality.. because I want it better every time.

I have an anatomy exam in a day.. and have barely studied. : (

POSTED BY Unknown ON Saturday, January 26, 2013 @ 10:19 PM
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