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Photography through the years
Back during Myspace times, I used to use a cheap Sony Cybershot Camera. It didn't even belong to me, it was my moms. I even woke up at like.. 8 in the morning on days I didn't have school just to camera whore. -__- *Fail*

These photo is from highschool, I think around Freshman year or Sophomore. The quality is terrible.. super grainy and icky. Comparing the two photos, is so weird. o_o My face looks fatter. .__.

I just posted up a new haul video last night. I didn't mention this in the video but... thats my take on a bow bun hairstyle. I tried doing the sock bun that everyone was talking about.. and it failed miserably so I just did this hairstyle. I personally like it a lot! : D

I also was playing around with makeup before filming this.. I was thinking about doing SNSD Sunny's make from the new Music Video.. but it came out icky. So I gave up on that too. T____T  *Goes back to playing Pokemon*

I use to like Sundays because I used it to sleep in and chill. But now I always have work, which sucks horribly. Must find a new job, I wish I could find a decent job as a receptionist or something. I loveee deskwork to death. Anyways here are a couple of videos I am planning on doing:

Tsubasa Masuwaka Transformation
Circle Lenses for Beginners
Valentines Day Outfits
Valentines Day Makeup for Day or Night 
Ulzzang Inspired Makeup 

 I recently hit 15K Subscribers! Thank you guys so much <3 It means the world to me. I literally Screenshot EVERY 100 new subbies I get (ex: 15,100 or 15,300) and text it to my boyfriend. LOL. 

Ill be posting up a review on a series of circle lenses sometime this  week!~ 

POSTED BY Unknown ON Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ 10:40 PM
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