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Betsey Johnson Heels & Valentines Day

As my title says.. I got these GORGEOUS Betsey Johnson Heels at the mall. They are the cutest heels in the world. I just realized that I just bought a pair of heels last week.. >__> My horrible heel shopping addiction. I have over 10 pairs of heels that are all scattered across different locations. These red lace heels are my new favorite though. How can something be so cute?!
The perfect Valentines shoes, I swear.

On a different note, I uploaded a Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial last night. It wasn't really a tutorial.. but yeah.. ya know. I tried filming this tutorial multiple times.. but it was really upsetting how it came out. I still didn't like the one I uploaded, but meh. -___- Ill probably delete it in a week or so.

18K~! : )

Finally filming my Tsubasa Video tomro : )) 

POSTED BY Unknown ON Friday, February 8, 2013 @ 10:50 PM
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