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Happy 33 Month Anni!

So close to 3 years (kind of). We don't get to hang out today cuz we both have work.. but its okay >__< Three days together tomorrow, even though we have class stuff to do. T^T 

To Do List:
Statistics Exam 1& 2
Statistics Unit Homework
Statistics Unit Project
Anatomy 2 Exam Feb 15
Anatomy Lab 2 Exam Feb 20

I posted up a Valentines Day Giveaway 2 days ago. The prize is a pair of circle lenses in Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown, and a Smashbox Blue Eyes Eyeshadow Palette, if anyone is interested in entering it is still open til Valentines Day at Noon EST. : )

I am absolutely in love with my Sugarcandy Brown lenses. They're so gorgeous and has such a nice frosty gradient. I've been wearing it almost every day, and theyre still mega comfortable.

POSTED BY Unknown ON Wednesday, February 6, 2013 @ 6:52 AM
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