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I feel like I will fail anatomy, so I will be a hobo. Anyone care to join me? : )
Its almost valentines day! Im quite excited.. even though I have work that day. I just hit 17K last night, thanks to JaaackJack!  : )

Im planning on filming a new video tomorrow. I haven't decided what kind yet though.. but Im super excited because in the next few videos my style will be changing (kind of). Mainly outfit videos and such. I want them to be better.. I don't like how my videos are turning out lately. Its not that it reduced in quality.. but the fact I feel like they aren't good enough anymore. I hope upgrading a camera and adding a new piece of equipment will help. : )

New mint colored heels from Bakers! They were originally 80$ but I got them for 35$! Soo cute.

Practicing Tsubasa's makeup late at night. I need eyelid tape for this look though. 

Never dying my hair this orangey blonde color. It doesnt match my skin at all  : ( I need the black wig and the lashes to come in now. : ) Can't wait to film this video.
POSTED BY Unknown ON Saturday, February 2, 2013 @ 9:45 PM
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