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Summer Fashion & Update

I created a Summer Lookbook using Wet Seal's clothing! This will be my first Lookbook for this summer. Ill probably be uploading one or two more later on. I'm planning on doing one at the beach, or possibly doing an "epic transformation" like Evelina. I love all her videos so much. : ) 

The beginning clip for the Lookbook video is from a day I went with my boyfriend to this local ice cream shop. Its super yummy, and no its not Twistee Treats. I've never actually been there before. 

These are my all time new favorite shorts for this summer! They are so stylish, and edgy with the studs and bleach detailing. 

And I did dye my hair a red color. It was actually about three times brighter than this photo here, but it slowly faded out to this light red brown shade. Im totally loving it though! Ill probably redye it bright red again in a few weeks or so. 

It was soooooo hot when I went out to film with my boyfriend. Oh my gosh. It was around 90 degrees or higher. T^T I wish Florida was a bit cooler. I can't wait to be able to move up north in a few years. 

POSTED BY Unknown ON Tuesday, May 28, 2013 @ 11:48 AM
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