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How I Spent the Majority of My Day

Pretty right? I was sitting at this table for 4 hours.. and then went to dinner with friends. Came back to this table for another 2 hours. So in total I spent 6 hours working on this piece. It was tedious and time consuming but worth it in the end. I don't like doing small pieces.. I feel like they're kind of a waste of time. 

Tuan and I had edamame and tea set in the middle of the table while we were working on our stuff. The iPad is so convenient to have! love love love. 

And to those who don't know what this is... You guys should start playing Zelda- 
Majora's Mask

I keep taking gaps on blogging.. even though my goal for the year was to blog more. But I really do love going back and reading all my past entries. : ) 

POSTED BY Unknown ON Saturday, June 1, 2013 @ 10:14 PM
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