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I really wanna revamp my blog
But its so time consuming to fix the codes and change the photos. I remember when I used to do layouts, and designs way back when. Now I'm so unbelievably lazy. The life of a lazy college student.

A week ago we went to visit this Ramen shop called Sapporo Ramen. Its not that close to where we live, but it was kind of worth the drive? I'm gonna compare this to a local Japanese restaurant in Orlando called Aki.  Aki is my favorite, and I mean favorite Japanese restaurant in Orlando. Its actually the only Japanese restaurant that feels,tastes and is authentic.

So how does Sapporo compare? The Curry Udon is very similar to the one at Aki. However.. as I kept eating it, the soup started tasting more salty. It kind of got sickening. My boyfriend ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen. I love the name of it! It looked really yummy, and he did like it. But it was again too salty. Which was kind of depressing because I kind of had high hopes for it. 

The Takoyaki was good though! I didn't like that red radish garnish they had on top of some of the dishes though. It tasted bad imo. I usually love pickled radishes but this one tasted.. not pickled and kinda just bland? Idk maybe its just me.

My boyfriend and I went to the beach today to work on a Summer Beach Lookbook.. and well.. I wanted to do a sunset kinda video. But nope. Wrong beach. Cuz I absolutely fail at life. Apparently the sunset is in the west.. and well the beach was in the east. : (

Oh wellzz. Here are two photos. The beach was pretty overall. But I still hate beaches. They're too sandy and gross feeling for me. My boyfriend was playing around with his lens. We never get around to using this Tokina lens.

I hate sand so much.

June favorites and collab giveaway will be up Sunday at 3pm est or 12pm pst!
Beach Summerlook book will be up Tuesday or Wednesday.

Morning routine will be delayed for a bit. Once you guys see it.. you'll understand why its taking forever. >_<

xoxo. Renrawr.

POSTED BY Unknown ON Saturday, June 29, 2013 @ 10:16 PM
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