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I haven't posted in a while yet again! 
I've been so busy with school and work lately.

It was recently my cousins birthday (middle). She turned 22! Now they're both 22 and I'm 21 T^T So left out. I keep thinking about how old we are, and expecting to see wedding invites from other family members..only to realize that we're the next ones in line to get married.  Its such a strange feeling.
We're supposed to be adults but we're the biggest kids in the world.

I posted up a room tour if you guys are interested in watching the link is here. A lot of people said that my room isn't small in the comments, but I really think its just the lens making it looking bigger. I revamped it these past two weeks because I wanted a change. I like waking up to a clean room (kinda) LOL.

I actually didn't even plan out this look, and did everything last minute. I'm so happy it turned out well. The scales were supposed to easy to replicate, since a lot of the scales for other mermaid tutorials were kinda more complicated, I wanted something easy. 

Headpiece is made from glittery floral pieces located in the floral section in Joannes! They're part of the holiday collection.

And lastly a shot of my 21st birthday! 
I'm so oldddddddd. XD
My friends are amazing.


POSTED BY Unknown ON Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 10:12 PM
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