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Le Phish
My boyfriend and I are almost hitting 3 & 1/2 years (Nov 6th)! 
I seriously can not wait for that date.  : ) 
I am so fortunate to meet such an amazing guy who is an all around amazing person. 
I loveee him to death.

I honestly can't wait til the day I can wake up next to him every morning. 
4 more yearrrrrrrs! : ) 

This photo is over 3 years old. XD 
Hes wearing my blue headband.

We talked about getting married so many times.
 The reception, house, pets, decorations.
Does any other couple do this? I ask a few of my friends would they marry their SO, and everyone kinda just freaked out. I personally feel like after 1-2 years you should know if they're in your future or not. But I guess its dependent on each couple.

So many of my friends are getting married, are married, having kids, or is pregnant. I don't think I could ever possibly do any of that so young. I am amazed at all the mothers out there who can hold full time classes, and work on top of taking care of their families. Its absolutely outstanding.  

POSTED BY Unknown ON Monday, October 21, 2013 @ 12:27 AM
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