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I was bored one night and recreated the oh so famous look from Bleach. I did half the mask because it was literally one in the morning. 

Guyssssssss! I am so excited because in one month.. 
I can FINALLY DYE MY HAIR OMBRE RED.  I haven't touched hair dye in a month, which is really long for me. T^T Im trying to recover my hair and grow it out longer~
I seriously can't wait. : )

The PS4 was launched on Friday Nov. 15th. I didn't put in a pre-order months ahead sadly, but I still did end up getting one by waiting in line at Sony for 20 minutes or so. I have to vent about what happened that day, b/c it was so unbelievably terrible.

At 7:00am I got up to get ready for my lab. I think the lab lasted until about 10:30am.  After I got out, I called around different Targets/Walmart/Gamestops to see if they had any PS4 available in stock, but all of them were out. Sony was the last location that still had them available if you didn't have a pre-order. So I drove 25 minutes out there, and sped like a crazy lady because the girl on the phone told me they only had a limited amount. When I get to Sony, they told me they didn't sell just the console separately. Ok. Ya know, whatever. So Im purchasing a "bundle" that is $517. ( Its $520 if I buy everything separately, its so stupid. I only save $3.) Anyways I'm checking out, and my card gets DECLINED. -___- The heck? Never happened before. I call up Chase, and they tell me my daily limit is $400, and can't override it, or pull it out of the ATM. This makes no sense, because I spent over $500 on plane tickets last summer soooooo what the hell. 
I was fuming at this point. 
The Sony reps in the stores gave me this 
"oh my gosh, she doesnt even have the money to buy this " kinda look. 
And they started giving me an attitude. 
Ohh man, was I pissed.
Skipping way ahead, I did end up getting it a few hours later.
This is actually my boyfriends 21st birthday present.  : )
 I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be released next year.

Onto a different topic, in about one month I can put in my two weeks notice to quit my current job. If you guys didn't know, I absolutely hate my job with a passion. 
I've always hated it, but recently I just couldn't take it anymore.
I seriously feel like everyone around me is so damn lazy, and doesn't do anything. And they're the ones that need the money for bills and rent, but they don't wanna work. 
I would rather be poor than work in such a terrible environment with them.
Dec 21st I'll be going up to New Jersey to spend Xmas up north for the first time ever! 
I really hope I see snow. : )


POSTED BY Unknown ON Saturday, November 16, 2013 @ 6:45 PM
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