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Victoria's Secret Inspired Makeup

The lenses used for this look was the Dolly Eye Blues. These are so vibrant and of course, unnatural- something I love.  I had to refilm this look three times over this past week, because every time I didn't like how it came out. But in the end I went with the first footage -__- lmao. So pointless.

The next video coming up should be a fashion video. I really wanna test out my new camera equipment that I built. 
Sometime in December (possibly the first week) I will be having an Angel Makeup Tutorial up. : ) Perfect for the holiday season. 

Press Play!

These food images are from a few weeks ago when I went with my boyfriend to visit one of my friends at work. This restaurant is called Kasa .

Taro & Eggplant Chips w/ Salmon Poke (Top & Bottom)
The flavor was kind of strange, I personally don't think pineapple puree goes well with this sort of dish. But the general idea and presentation of this dish is adorable. I love the little jar, and wood 'plates'. 

Lobster Deviled Eggs w/ Caviar

Peach Creme Brulee
I always get creme brulee when I eat out as desert. Its my absolute favorite! I think the crunchy web of caramel on top is a unique twist on the typical style. I loved this piece. 

Adobo Pork & Crispy Polenta Cake
This was my favorite out of all the plates we had. 
The polenta was so yummy and warm.

Truffle Lobster Mac 'N Cheese

I feel like Im slowly getting fat.. T^T
Kasa is located:
183. S Orange Ave
In Downtown Orlando! 

Check out their website if you're interested. 


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