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Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder Review

My video review is currently uploading, but Im gonna blog really quickly about it.
I bought this from CVS for $10, and it was pretty hard to find.
This is a very fine powder that seriously feels like the eye shadows from the Naked Basics Palette. ( I hope that makes sense)
For the price, and the amount of product I think this product is definitely a steal.

The powder does not grab onto dry skin, or accentuate pores, which is absolutely amazing. A lot of my other powders were average, but this one is my new favorite. 

The packaging is simple, and something that you can just throw into a bag with out having to worry about it falling everywhere. 

Happy New Years!
All these photos are from our dinner.

We went to Target to buy some smoothie supplies. I was really craving strawberry banana smoothies. Nomnomnom


POSTED BY Unknown ON Thursday, January 2, 2014 @ 3:30 PM
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