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The past week ~

I painted my nails nude with glitter and shimmer dust on the accent finger. I think this color was by China Glaze in Nude (of course, lol). I have this huge problem with moving my hand around when my nails are still wet, and it almost always messes up my nails. 

My bestfriend has such cute air scents in her car. The one that says "Moo" is a Green Tea scented one from Mitsuwa. I actually bought one for my brother last month while in NJ. Her car is so cuteeeee. 

{Sapporo Ramen}
Tanuki Udon w/ the tempura flakes on the side.
I hate when they get super soggy from soaking in the soup for too long. 

{Green Tea Kit Kats}
They can be bought online on eBay or Amazon.
Its still pretty over priced if you buy it on either of them though. The last time I checked it was around $13 just for one bag (12 pieces). I recently just bought mine in a local Asian market for $8. If you live near a Mitsuwa they're generally around $6 per bag, which is the correct price for them. 

I have a cutie pie as a boyfriend. 

This was from a few days ago. I love bright and pastel colors still. XD
I'm happy how long my hair has gotten~ 

This was taken after the photo shoot. I stayed at it for like.. 20 minutes and then left. Felt sooo awkward. T^T 
I filmed a get ready with me video, but I really haven't been liking how my videos are coming out. Which is why they're hasn't been any videos up lately. 


POSTED BY Unknown ON Sunday, January 26, 2014 @ 8:14 PM
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