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Love Package!
I received a few products from one of my favorite circle lens company- Uniqso. This isn't necessarily a review, but just showing you guys what I received. 

Ill be posting up thorough reviews once I use the products for longer! 
Expect an update in a few weeks~


There are also smaller trial size/travel size version of this product. If you guys are wary about trying a new skin product, I definitely recommend trying out the smaller sizes before buying the full size.
There are also a ton of fake products sold online, so make sure your seller is authentic. (Yes, Uniqso is authentic) 

The sleek packaging on this product is amazing. 
My boyfriend thought it looked nice when he saw it. I adore the pump, and just the dispenser overall. 

Since I loved my Dolly Eye Blue lenses so much, I had to get the  Violet & Grey version. This tone of violet is so gorgeous, its really similar to Geo Angel Violets. If you didn't know I personally think that violet is a beautiful color on Asian skin tone. 

The packaging/vials for these are adorable. 
I love the pastel-girly colors on the vials.

The Dolly Eye Grey lenses are really similar to the Dolly Eye + Grey lenses I was obsessed with in my previous videos.  I think I wore the Dolly Eye + Grey ones for a dozen or so videos because they looked amazing on camera. Personally I don't like natural lenses, they bore me. Opaque and eye catching lenses are my favorite. Ill be doing a comparison on these and the upgraded version once I try these babies out!

I've been looking around for felt tip liners. This one isn't waterproof but it stayed pretty well. I only did a quick swipe test, but the way it glides on is great. I think the cap does a great job of keeping the liner from drying out, but more on that in a review later. : ) 

Upclose shot of the tip. Its pretty thin~

Valentines Day is tomorrow! This photo is actually one I took this past Sunday. I repainted it recently to have all my nails just red. 

Isn't my baby a cutie pie? : ) 
Shes currently right behind me in a husky ball. 

My boyfriend and I had lunch at our usually Vietnamese place. 
Its so funny when we go in, and they already know our order.  Pad Thai is delicious, especially on a cold day.

Nom nom nom nom


POSTED BY Unknown ON Thursday, February 13, 2014 @ 8:17 AM
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