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Bright Red Hair {Tutorial on YouTube}
Heyroo there!
These are a few snapshots from my latest hair dye video. Currently my hair is back to a red-brown shade, its not entirely bright red anymore. I didn't really like how bright it was so I did a few hair masks that darkened the shade a bit. Anyways, here is a before photo. The change is obviously a straight up chocolate brown, to a pink red shade.

If you check out my video you can see all the products I used.
The main hair dye of the day is Matrix Red Violet. There is also a Violet Red version that comes out more violet toned than red. Its my usual go to shade during Fall. :)

That streak of pink/red is my hair extensions.
I think the top question is "will this dye work on dark hair?
Yes it will. I actually had dark hair when I first tested it out.
I was completely shocked and amazed at the brightness.
This shade does NOT stay for a long time, unless you do use the correct color shampoo as well as right treatments for it. Matrix is my favorite hair dye brand of all time. Sadly, this is not a beauty product available to the general public. You do have to have a beauty license with a membership to a professional hair supply shop. No Sally's does not count. I haven't checked to see if its available online, so you may want to check there if anything.

Good luck!

Click here to watch!


POSTED BY Unknown ON Saturday, March 1, 2014 @ 4:14 PM
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