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Just one of those days

I adore glitter nails because of the lovely sparkles. 

The sun was setting right after the rain had subsided. The lighting looked beautiful, even if it was just a parking lot. 

My hair looks like it has an ombre effect to it. A lot of the red has washed off over the past few weeks. I'm really loving the color effect it has left behind. 
Lenses worn in photo: Moe Moe Brown.

Closer shot of my awesome hair! 

I did an in depth circle lenses video a few days ago. Here is a photo of one of the pairs- Dolly Eye Grey. I've been loving how bright and opaque this series is. I really wish it was a bit bigger to actually fit my eyes though.

I just wanted to do a short post before I go off and study.


POSTED BY Unknown ON Wednesday, March 12, 2014 @ 10:41 PM
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