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Weekly Diary # 2

Spider rolls are one of my favorites! Especially when there is a huge pile of masago to top it off! Personally I cant stand the taste of wasabi, but I can definitely eat a ton of ginger.

These are two of the photos from my Forever 21 Foreverfest competition entries.
I barely had time to snap photos these days, it was terrible. I love the top outfit a lot though, since its so girly and pink!

Guess who was chilling outside with me while I filmed yesterday?
Soren has such fierce eyes. 

I was filming an orange.. XD It looks so funny.

Yes the tattoo in my recent videos is fake XD
If you watched my older videos (before I deleted them), you would know I liked to stick random stick on tattoos on.

I am actually sipping on some Black Peach Tea atm. 
I left all my fruit infused teas at Tunas house today.
I could so go for some Apple Jasmine Tea right now.

Not my nail colors anymore! Im currently sporting Modern Mauvels by Justfab/Paintfab. Absolutely loving their new line and packaging. It definitely resembles NYX Lip Creams in terms of appearance. 
So in other words, they look like adorable cosmetics rather than polishes. 

Kitty Ears!
Two photos from Megacon, one with the boyfriend.

POSTED BY Unknown ON Friday, April 4, 2014 @ 10:35 PM
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