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#glitztheseason with GHD Copper Luxe
Since high school I have used the same old hair straightener that my mother purchased for me as a gift for my sixteenth birthday. I used that hair tool for over 7 years until it broke, most likely from over use. I never was able to find another hair straightener that did the same curls, or worked the same way until today. I have been using GHD products for a few years now (my favorite is the copper hair dryer) and recently they sent me their new GHD Copper Luxe Hair Styler that is part of their holiday collection and I fell in love!

With this particular set it comes with the copper hair styler,  2 nail polishes in festive shades that matches the copper set, and a matching heat resistant bag to carry the styler.

This heat resistant bag is great for traveling and helps keep the styler from being damaged in luggages or bags.

There are also a variety of sets perfect for Christmas that can be found by clicking here! As well as their entire line of Copper Luxe products, and you can check it out here.

The styler with a cap that helps keep it closed, and clean.

Personally I love effortless hairstyles that just help frame my face. Typically I go for something simple and easy to do, because I like focusing on outfit and makeup. So if you're like me and just want something that makes you look pulled together and cute, this one is for you.

Straighteners are also great for curls! All you do is clamp it down gently, and pull through while twisting! The amount of time that the styler is pulled through will determine how tight the curls come out.

Cute little curl! The photo below is actually second day curls and I love how beachy they ended up looking!

This first hairstyle is one of my favorites that get tons of compliments because its so cute and chic.  Both of these following hairstyles looks great with curled hair, or even straightened. All you need is a cat headband, or a ton of hairspray & bobby pins. The hair hides the headband so it doesn't even matter what color it is! Mine was from Forever 21 for about $3.

The cat headband is a lot easier to make the cat shape with since all you do is place it on your head normally and wrap the surrounding hair around it and pin down. Hairspray if you have frizzy hair to finish it up.
Cute and perfect for a holiday party with your friends or family!

For the second hairstyle I took the Copper Luxe Hair Styler and curled my hair very loosely. Instead of running it through my hair for five to six seconds for tighter curls, I quickly just pulled it through without pause. This creates light waves that look effortless and still has a lot of volume.

Just make two thick braids, one on each side of the head (near the crown) and pin it together in the back. I think this is great for an office party or something work related.

GHD is hosting a Christmas competition, so join in by posting your festive hair creation on instagram using the tag #glitztheseason. Don't forget to follow GHD on their instagram too!

Disclaimer: These products were kindly gifted to me by GHD. All opinions are my own, and I am not being sponsored/paid to create this blog post. 
POSTED BY Rena Le ON Saturday, December 17, 2016 @ 10:50 PM
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